Super Shipbottom     
Hard(er) Ablative Multi-Season Antifouling Bottom Paint
One Coat Magic        Best Bottom Paint
Formula Hasn't Changed in nearly 30 Years

Announcement; Due to health problems we're forced to suspend

the production 'Super' Shipbottom Antifouling paint.

We are seeking a Marine Product Company to take the formula, our experise and small equipment.

We deeply apologize for being unable to continue with this excellent product!

Thank You to all our customers who are still calling for paint, we are sorry to disappoint you!!

We forgot to include the planned obsolescence! ! ! The Paint Is Too Damned Good!

Three (3) Six (6) Month Seasons per Coat
Practical Sailor and Powerboat Report rated 'Super Shipbottom' "Excellent" against hard and soft growth for 4 seasons
from 1996 thru 1999 before the barge that Dick Greenhouse towed around a Conn bay was destroyed in a Fall storm!
68% Copper
3 (6 Month) Seasons Per Coat
18 months per coat actual in water protection any way you want to break it up!
6 mos in = 3 seasons - 9 mos in = 2 seasons - 18 mos in = 1 1/2 year protection per coat!
Doesn't Die Out Of The Water  - Overcoats Old Paint - Last Longer Than Other Paint - Doesn't Build Up










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weekly column!

Application Instructions

Length X Beam = Sq. Footage divided by 375 = Amount of paint needed per coat.
Example; 38 X 12 = 456 sq ft. divided by 375 = 1.26 per coat 
The depth of the keel might add a little more. 
A second or third coat on the water line  will add a little more. 
We find a 38' X 12' vessel will take nearly 3 gallons

 Click  Application Tools to see the common tools needed to apply this paint!
When painting with our Blue or Green do not go back over tacky paint with a dry roller or you'll pick off the color and the surface will appear blotchy because you'll see the maroon colored copper. We have nearly 11 lbs of Copper and 4 oz. of color and the color is designed to float to the surface. This ain't wall paint!!!

'Super' SHIPBOTTOM "prefers" temperatures between 50 degrees and 
90 degrees but we understand if you have to paint at a lower temperature
just remember it will dry slower but please no painting over ice or snow!.

Applying 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM over unpainted bare gelcoat requires removing the mold release wax! This wax was applied to the female mold at the factory and some of the wax is transferred to the boat when separation occurs. This mold release wax must be removed by pushing the wax in one direction. Use old rags and Lacquer Thinner and push the wax from the waterline down to the keel before cleaning keel in one direction. Do not swirl the rag and change rag often to prevent wax from building up on the rag and moving away from rag but not in the direction you intended. The wax on a sanded and lightly washed surface makes it easier to see where the wax has been moved because the dust is gone, too.

If old paint comes off down to the gelcoat in spots or sheets, the mold release wax is still present! Repeat steps on areas!

Applying 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM over properly prepared bare gelcoat is okay because the paint has it's own primer. An additional primer or a barrier coat of epoxy may be used if desired and 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM will not react to these primers or barrier coats but must be applied during the window of opportunity or additional sanding may be necessary. This includes Skip-Sand or No-Sand primers which are notorious for hardening early and not allowing the paint to stick.

In warm weather always err on the side of early rather than later. If instructions say; apply bottom paint 2 to 4 hours after final coat of primer, apply paint between 1 1/2 hours and 2 hours after final coat of primer.

Painting 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM over old bottom paint is easy. We have a different solvent base than anyone else so we don't lift there paint and they don't lift ours. You won't even have to sand if the bottom paint is a dull finish but if the old paint has a hard, semi-gloss look to it, it's probably a hard vinyl paint and it has to be lightly sanded.

Use a short Nap roller or solvent resistant foam roller to apply paint to large areas and throw away brushes to small areas of your boat. Always roll and brush in one direction to avoid picking up the color. Extended use masking tape is recommended to save labor.

Become especially pleasant with your spouse, children, your neighbors and your boating guests just prior to spring outfitting and they may even help. Next year you can be your old nasty self because you won't have to paint!

Over coating 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM in cooler weather, below 75 degrees, will take an overnight dry. Above 75 degrees, you may be able to paint within 6 hours but do a test patch to determine if the paint is dry without coming off on the brush.

Launching requires overnight drying. Yes, I mean a complete 8 hours or more! No you can't hurry it by bringing in a jet engine and......

You may paint spots and use a hair dryer to accelerate drying. Don't
listen to your neighbor who thinks our paint smells like old Navy paint and they used to launch it while it was still wet! You'll be sorry!

Winter storage of 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM is easy. Just haul boat and LIGHTLY pressure wash any scum. I said LIGHTLY, OKAY! If the yard gorilla is used to blowing off the paint with his 10,000 psi. machine, you might want to tip him a $20.00 bill and save yourself a lot of work.

Spring launching of 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM doesn't require anything except putting the boat in the water no matter how streaked by dried rain water it is. It hurts me to tell you this because I'd love to sell you paint every year and if you are one of those who WANTS to paint annually, it won't hurt anything!

If you are happy with 'Super' SHIPBOTTOM, tell a friend, Please!

Innovative Marine Coatings, Inc
15870 Lake Candlewood Dr.
Fort Myers, Fl. 33908
Tel: 239-466-5670  or 800-466-7144
FAX: 239-466-7661

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