Super Shipbottom     
Hard(er) Ablative Multi-Season Antifouling Bottom Paint
One Coat Magic        Best Bottom Paint
Formula Hasn't Changed in nearly 30 Years

Announcement; Due to health problems we're forced to suspend

the production 'Super' Shipbottom Antifouling paint.

We are seeking a Marine Product Company to take the formula, our experise and small equipment.

We deeply apologize for being unable to continue with this excellent product!

Thank You to all our customers who are still calling for paint, we are sorry to disappoint you!!

We forgot to include the planned obsolescence! ! ! The Paint Is Too Damned Good!

Three (3) Six (6) Month Seasons per Coat
Practical Sailor and Powerboat Report rated 'Super Shipbottom' "Excellent" against hard and soft growth for 4 seasons
from 1996 thru 1999 before the barge that Dick Greenhouse towed around a Conn bay was destroyed in a Fall storm!
68% Copper
3 (6 Month) Seasons Per Coat
18 months per coat actual in water protection any way you want to break it up!
6 mos in = 3 seasons - 9 mos in = 2 seasons - 18 mos in = 1 1/2 year protection per coat!
Doesn't Die Out Of The Water  - Overcoats Old Paint - Last Longer Than Other Paint - Doesn't Build Up










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Our Hard Ablative has very little Talc and a much harder surface so it won't die out of the water or build up and lasts longer! An ordinary Ablative Paint wears away quickly because it has a lot of Talc. 
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 In the Spring of 1985,  Jack Jones was lying in the snow under his boat painting the bottom just as he had done for more than twenty years. It was then that the retired chemist decided he had two choices, give up boating or find a bottom paint that would last more than one season. Together with some chemist friends they came up with their best formulation which became "Shipbottom Bottom Paint!" 
    After a few years of testing the new paint Jack took it to several major paint companies but they weren't interested in selling LESS paint. So Jack started a small company near Flourtown, Pa. to make the paint for he and his friends.
     He touted "Shipbottom Bottom Paint" as a 2 season paint and called it "one coat magic" and it worked for two seasons. Some boaters tried it for three seasons and a legend was born! "Shipbottom Bottom Paint" should have been a huge success story but it hasn't been because Jack wanted a boater friendly paint. He put everything in one paint can including a lot of very pure Copper. There is a chemical etcher to help boaters stop excessive sanding. A self-priming feature, a different solvent base to eliminate conflict with other paints and he hardened the surface to make it last longer!
"Shipbottom Bottom Paint" has languished behind paints that are better for the paint companies and yards but lousy for boaters. Building a better mouse trap doesn't work when your up against savvy marketers and mega-international corporations. Eventually, the mega-international paint companies copied Super Shipbottom but they never incorporated the user friendly aspects.
    In 1989 I (Ed "I make the Paint" Donlin) met Jack and his lovely wife Dodie at the Tampa boat show and became his Southeastern representative. I quickly discovered two things, one that Jack never intended to market the paint aggressively and two that "Shipbottom Bottom Paint" worked great in warm saltwater. I lobbied Jack into becoming a year round paint manufacturer because people boat year round in the South. 
    After Jack passed away in the early '90's, I took over the manufacturing. The only change I made was to the name by adding 'Super' to the very easily forgettable Shipbottom Bottom Paint because so many people called it that! 
    One major drawback to the product concerns the etcher and it's tendency to eat poorly constructed metal cans. So we went to a Plastite can but after a while that can turns into modern art with some bizarre indentations. The leaky or deformed cans have no effect on the paints shelf life or performance but the major discounters have no sense of humor about our little problem. So we stay a small paint company and like it that way. What would we do with all that money anyway!

Sincerely; Ed (I make the paint) Donlin 

Innovative Marine Coatings, Inc
15870 Lake Candlewood Dr.
Fort Myers, Fl. 33908
Tel: 239-466-5670  or 800-466-7144
FAX: 239-466-7661


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