Super Shipbottom     
Hard(er) Ablative Multi-Season Antifouling Bottom Paint
One Coat Magic        Best Bottom Paint
Formula Hasn't Changed in nearly 30 Years

Announcement; Due to health problems we're forced to suspend

the production 'Super' Shipbottom Antifouling paint.

We are seeking a Marine Product Company to take the formula, our experise and small equipment.

We deeply apologize for being unable to continue with this excellent product!

Thank You to all our customers who are still calling for paint, we are sorry to disappoint you!!

We forgot to include the planned obsolescence! ! ! The Paint Is Too Damned Good!

Three (3) Six (6) Month Seasons per Coat
Practical Sailor and Powerboat Report rated 'Super Shipbottom' "Excellent" against hard and soft growth for 4 seasons
from 1996 thru 1999 before the barge that Dick Greenhouse towed around a Conn bay was destroyed in a Fall storm!
68% Copper
3 (6 Month) Seasons Per Coat
18 months per coat actual in water protection any way you want to break it up!
6 mos in = 3 seasons - 9 mos in = 2 seasons - 18 mos in = 1 1/2 year protection per coat!
Doesn't Die Out Of The Water  - Overcoats Old Paint - Last Longer Than Other Paint - Doesn't Build Up










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weekly column!

A boater friendly product that saves you time, labor and money!

 Thanks to Everyone! Especially Our Loyal Customers Who Keep Spreading the Word!

We are better because......
Boater Friendly
: Since we use a different solvent base we can go over any kind of other bottom paint without lifting the old paint. Our paint etches old paint so we overcoat any dull paint without sanding. Shiny hard paint or Teflon must be sanded. The big paint companies say their paint must re-use the old paint or remove it. We haven't found any so far we haven't been able to go over. Do a test patch if in doubt! Read Application Page!
Hard Ablative:
  Most wear away (ablative) paints are soft because they contain a lot of talc and very little Copper. Our Super Shipbottom formula has a hardened surface, uses very little talc and we've added a lot of very pure Copper (62.5%) to a finely balanced formula.
"One Coat Magic" Super Shipbottom can last up to 3 seasons when stored out of water for the off-season. One full coat and a second on the water line is recommended!
Longer Lasting:
Super Shipbottom will last longer because it is a balance of hard and soft with the advantages of both but none of their drawbacks. "One Coat Magic" lasts 12 to 18 months of submersion time per coat in the toughest waters.
Never Builds Up:
Super Shipbottom never builds up and has to be removed because it wears away slowly!
Diver Recommended:
"Scuba Scrubbers"  at 561-575-0050) of Stuart, Florida recommends Super Shipbottom to their customers because their own divers tell them that it stays cleaner than any other paint.

More Copper, harder surface, goes over other paints, lasts longer with less 
coats,  never dies out of water or builds up and it's easier to use! Our drawback
 is that our paint is hard on cans so we aren't in the big discounters.  

Where do you find Super Shipbottom?

Since we only make one type of bottom paint and not 17 other collateral products we can't keep many Distributors. To date we have only one, Scuba Scrubbers in Jupiter Florida. We are forced to ship directly from Innovative Marine Coating's plant in Florida to the rest of the country. Please feel free to call or e-mail us.

A boater friendly product that saves you time, labor and money!

 Thanks to Everyone! Especially Our Loyal Customers Who Keep Spreading the Word!



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