Super Shipbottom     
Hard(er) Ablative Multi-Season Antifouling Bottom Paint
One Coat Magic        Best Bottom Paint
Formula Hasn't Changed in nearly 30 Years

Announcement; Due to health problems we're forced to suspend

the production 'Super' Shipbottom Antifouling paint.

We are seeking a Marine Product Company to take the formula, our experise and small equipment.

We deeply apologize for being unable to continue with this excellent product!

Thank You to all our customers who are still calling for paint, we are sorry to disappoint you!!

We forgot to include the planned obsolescence! ! ! The Paint Is Too Damned Good!

Three (3) Six (6) Month Seasons per Coat
Practical Sailor and Powerboat Report rated 'Super Shipbottom' "Excellent" against hard and soft growth for 4 seasons
from 1996 thru 1999 before the barge that Dick Greenhouse towed around a Conn bay was destroyed in a Fall storm!
68% Copper
3 (6 Month) Seasons Per Coat
18 months per coat actual in water protection any way you want to break it up!
6 mos in = 3 seasons - 9 mos in = 2 seasons - 18 mos in = 1 1/2 year protection per coat!
Doesn't Die Out Of The Water  - Overcoats Old Paint - Last Longer Than Other Paint - Doesn't Build Up










boatguy Ed's
weekly column!

    Instead of posting more of your endorsements here, please send them to website chat rooms or boating publications or your local waterfront newspapers! It sure would help! Ed "I make the paint" Donlin

Ed,  Iím Bill Betz from Bridgeton NJ I purchased your paint this past Spring and applied as instructed.  I pulled the boat out this morning and I was amazed there was no growth on the bottom at all, where your paint had been applied It definitely lives up to your promise.  The guys at my Marina were very impressed with your bottom  paint and Iím told that you will be receiving more Phone calls from New Jersey
    Thanks again for a great product

Bill Betz

Hi Ed and Marion;

    Itís me Frank Kumpan from the Huguenot Yacht Club, located in   New Rochelle, New York. I must say it was a real pleasure meeting you again at the New York boat show this year (06). The paint is the best I have used in my boating career. I have been using your product for approx. 6 years. My fellow memberís also are very satisfied with the results from the paint that they had applied last year (05) when I purchased 24 gallons for my Buddies at the club. We all rave about it.
    If there are any non-believers, you can e-mail this writer at (sorry this link needs to be copied and pasted into e-mail) and I will make you a believer.
    Regards, Frank E Kumpan Scarsdale NY

SSpanel.JPG (26639 bytes) This stagnant panel set was left at Steadman's Boat Yard in Key West Florida for over one year with one coat of Super Shipbottom on the top panel and a bare panel underneath. We are great against soft growth as shown here!

This panel set was placed at Pericho Harbor in Cortez Florida for over a year.

SSpanel1.JPG (22971 bytes)

Dear Ed .....  Your paint has created quite a stir at Huguenot Yacht Club.  Huguenot is a 111 year old yacht club located in the western end of Long Island Sound in New Rochelle, New York .  It sounds like about half of the membership is using your bottom paint.  Based on other members recommendation, I want to purchase 4 gallons of your blue Super Shipbottom paint for my new boat.

 Give me a call so we can work out the details.


P. Mark Schwab Commodore Huguenot Yacht Club     

"11 years I've used this paint," Reverend Paul ........., "it's great but make sure they send you the right color!"
(We did send him the wrong color one year, get over it!)


Ed: I don't know if you remember us. We purchased a gallon of your paint last April for a customer who complained about bottom painting every year. We used your paint (you mixed a special color brown for us!) and it held up very well. The boat sat in S. Jersey marina from 4/15/03 to 11/10/03. The owner indicated when it was pulled it had very little attached growth. Unfortunately, the "marina gorilla" power washed too closely in a few areas and went down to the gel coat. The rest of the area really does not look bad. Should we simply put another coat on the waterline and touch up the bare areas or repaint the entire bottom? The customer is holding our feet to the coals and we would prefer to simply touch up.
Next season ( when we have depeleted our supply on interlux products purchased from a bankrupt marine supply house in 2001) we will use your products exclusively. It did everthing you claimed and is superior to any other product we have used in the past twenty years of business.
Also, we have always wiped the bottom with acetone prior to applying a new coat of paint. Is this necessary with your paint provided the bottom is free of growth?
Thanks for the advice.
Chuck Cuesta
Vice President
P.O. BOX 188

REPLY; Just repaint area affected by the gorilla and put it back in the water. We want a clean dry surface to attach to but beyond that we have our own etcher in our paint. We sell quarts, 1/2 gallons & gallons so if you need a small quantity just give us a call. Happy you and your customer are satisfied with our product.

Ed (I make the paint) Donlin

ED/  I am about to purchase a 37' Endeavour from Craig Parks (who works @
the Marine Surplus store in Ft. Myers- where the vessel is currently slipped). He mentioned that he knows you & currently has your paint on the vessel; it has just been over 2 years since he painted the bottom. We outhauled the vessel @ the sea trial/ survey & I was quite impressed with the condition of the paint; although the boat had many, many small osmotic blisters that I am quite concerned about. I have already mentioned it to several of my sailing friends who also seem interested.
Thanx for all your research & effort in making this hard/ablative paint available. I look forward to hearing from you. If you choose to call I live
in St. Petersburg, Fl.. Thanx again

We haven't changed the paint formula one bit since then! 

Feb. 21, 2003
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that your product is 
simply amazing! Except for a little slime that washed 
right off after I took her out for the season, there wasn't a 
speck of growth on the bottom!

I am very impressed with your product and I am 
recommending it to every boater I know!
Happy in Boston, Bob Rand, Boston, Ma.

"The best bottom paint our yard has ever used. We are a busy yard and like to save time and we don't need our customers coming back to often. We can cover over most other paint without worrying about compatability and without heavy prep. Excellent performance and reliability. Our water is hot all year and growth is terrible but Shipbottom has worked for us since 1991 and I tell everyone about it," Ted Andrews, owner Compass Rose Marina, Fort Myers Beach Florida.
 (Ted sold the Marina in 2004 but his workers are still there. If you call ask for Scott or Bob) Compass Rose was blown down during Hurricane in 2005

"I think you guys make a great paint! I use it on my boat in Boca Raton, Florida and on my boat in Brigantine, NJ. It works great in both places." Mal Spinrad

I use it on my boat, but I'd be out of business if I told my customers about it," Anonymous boat yard manager from Long Island, N.Y.

"Every year I put one coat on just like Jack Jones told me in 1987 and every year it would be real clean. I told other boater at the marina about Shipbottom and the smart ones switched. After I bought a house in a slow moving canal I skipped a couple years. I think it's a great paint. Why aren't you guys rich and famous?" Tom Hlasney, Clearwater, Florida.

Reply; What would we do with all that money? If Interlux came by with a barrel full of money I'd retire to Florida (never mind I'm already a Floridian) The Interlux chemists would set about to make Super Shipbottom easier to produce and more profitable and we all know what that does to a great bottom paint!

Innovative Marine Coatings, Inc
15870 Lake Candlewood Dr.
Fort Myers, Fl. 33908
Tel: 239-466-5670  or 800-466-7144
FAX: 239-466-7661

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